Taylors History


Over 100 Years in business

The original Taylors Buttons business is over 100 years old. The first shop, owned by the Taylors, was situated in Soho and taken over by Maureen Rose's late husband, Leon Rose, 50 years ago. Leon Rose's first job was in a button factory, where he learned the art and craft of button making.

He had an uncle already in the button business who could advise him on commercial matters so that, by the time he acquired the already well-established Taylors Buttons enterprise, he was in a well-qualified position to run it.

After Leon Rose married Maureen and she came on board the business, bringing her own skill, flair and determination with her, the business flourished and has since gone from strength to strength.

The Roses moved the Taylors Buttons shop to No.1 Silver Place, where it remained for some years before being relocated to its current position, in a house where Charles Dickens lived twice during his lifetime and, as a heritage site in itself, is well suited to a traditional, family-run business where quality of product and dedication of spirit matter above all else.