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Established Over 100 years

A little introduction who we are?

“Taylors Buttons have produced covered buttons for the Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher’s public appearances and a host of famous fashion houses, tailors and film sets as well as personal commissions for bridal wear and evening wear. And their prices are still hugely competitive.”

“The Taylors Button Shop has been established in London over 100 years and operates a highly specialised business in hand covered fabric buttons for wedding dresses, evening wear, hand made fabric upholstery buttons, vintage buttons, dyed buttons, handmade buckles and belts, and are one of the few companies in the heart of the West End that still offer a walk in while you wait bespoke hand made covered button service.”

The house at 22 Cleveland Street has long been known as One Of Charles Dickens homes but it was not until 143 years after the author’s death that it finally gained a plaque to identify it.

Are you getting married?

Celebrate a wedding  in style by ordering Hand Made Wedding Dress Buttons and a Belt to match creating a wow factor on your special day exclusively made by Taylors.

Do you need a covered belt?

Taylors Buttons can produce beautiful hand-made fabric and leather belts and have an array of prong-and-eyelet buckles in stock, they can produce belts and buckles to your specific requirements.

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Are you looking for a vintage button?

Why not buy our Filigree buttons from our online shop. Our Filigree buttons are also available in gold and will transform your garment into something special.

What We Do

The services we offer our varied customers
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Bridal Buttons

Are you getting married this year, Taylors Buttons produce each individual bridal button by hand. Taylors hand made bridal buttons are absolutely exquisite.

Button Stock

Taylors Buttons have a huge range of buttons in stock which you can order online. There's plenty more in the shop where you will find 1000's of buttons.

Covered Buttons

Taylors Buttons hand-covered buttons are made to order; every button is individually crafted by hand and takes about a minute to complete.

Covered Belts & Buckles

Taylors Buttons produce beautiful hand-made fabric and leather belts and and have an array of prong-and-eyelet buckles, They can also produce imitation High Sheriff buckles.

Dyed Buttons

Taylors Buttons provide a button dyeing service and have an enormous range of white nylon buttons that can be professionally dyed to any colour.

Vintage Buttons

Taylors Buttons possess an incredible assortment of vintage and new stocked buttons and can produce imitation High Sheriff buttons.

What Our Clients Say

"Taylors will never disappoint as they are sure to have the perfect button for every garment also buttons can be covered and belts made to match. I've not bought a button anywhere else since discovering them more than 15 years ago. Mrs Rose, knows her stock and can pick from many boxes".
James Barratt
"Taylors is a veritable aladdin's cave of wonderful buttons from period to modern, and the button & belt making service is excellent . Mrs Rose who owns the business is so helpful and chatty nothing is too much trouble and for myself being a costume designer her knowledge is invaluable".
Jane Ensor
"Taylors It is a happy shop, the happiest button shop in London - situated on an interesting back street, piled floor to ceiling with button-boxes reasonably priced, and always a pleasure to visit. This is the place for a working dressmaker or tailor, or for the person that loves to explore the little old shops of London".
Dr Ruth Richardson

Our clients

Taylors Buttons' list of clients features some of the biggest names in British fashion and dressmaking over the past 50 years.

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We sell buttons, We cover buttons, We hand make belts.

We help you decide on the perfect button.

Taylors specialise in hand covered fabric buttons for wedding dresses, evening wear, hand made fabric upholstery buttons, vintage buttons, dyed buttons, and handmade buckles and belts.