Covered Buttons


Covering buttons for over 50 years

Taylors Buttons hand-covered buttons are made to order; every button is individually crafted by hand and takes about a minute to complete. This is a labour-intensive job and the time and trouble taken over every single button is evident in the quality of the finished product. Taylors Buttons' covered buttons can be made in just about any style or shape the customer may wish.

The six standard covered button shapes most frequently requested are the 'dome, flat, square, half ball, high ball and stitch-through styles'.The domed style of covered button is available in a variety of sizes from 10mm (10 ligne) to 38mm (60 ligne). The high ball style ranges in size from 10mm (10 ligne) to 22mm (36 ligne).

Any of Taylors Covered Buttons can be produced with a covered back, or 'couture back' (used extensively in bridal wear and evening wear).

Taylors Buttons also produce buttons for upholstery and curtains and for dress wear with a beautiful, black silk basket weave button, the fabric for which is exclusive to Taylors Buttons.

Pure Silk Union Jack Button

36 Ligne Pure Silk Union Jack hand made button available in 3 sizes suitable for any garment. Please call for prices and availability.